How a Blog Can Help Grow Your Business

Static, never-updated blog help business from websites that serve as little more than business cards are no longer effective for doing business in today’s content driven era.

People like to have different types of helpful and practical information that solves their pressing problems in a single resource. One way you can give this to your customers and potential clients is by publishing an ebook.

With different types of mobile devices such as cell phones, ipads, and other tablets with built-in apps for ebooks, many people now enjoy reading ebooks on their gadgets in addition to having them saved on their personal blog help business computers. Because of this trend, there is a good chance that your ebook will be downloaded and read by your target audience, provided the content is helpful and informative enough

People quickly turn away as soon as they land on these types of websites. Why? Because there is little content blog posts or articles on those sites that people crave so much for solutions to their problems.

Also, Google recently devalued static websites through its regular updates by decreasing their visibility and ranking status on search engine result pages (SERPs).

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Google now places such high value to regularly updated websites blog help business aka blogs that they’re ranked more highly on SERPs. What this means is that of the ten web pages that are usually displayed on SERPs, your chances of finding a static website on the result page is very tiny.

So if you’re still using a static and never-updated website for your business and expect people to contact you for business inquiries, you’re missing a LOT. If you want to reap the benefit of this blessing that Google showers on blogs, it’s about time you build a business blog on your existing website or separately.

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