Clemson Student Leade Protes Impeached

Jaren Stewart, Clemson University’s understudy body VP who sat in dissent amid the Pledge of Allegiance, has been arraigned by the understudy senate, the Associated Press reports. In any case, a representative for the college, John Gouch, advised the AP that the move to reprimand Mr. Stewart started before he began dissenting.

As indicated by the AP, the understudy pioneer behind the move to denounce, Miller Hoffman, said it was identified with a report that claimed Mr. Stewart had occupied with unfortunate behavior. Mr. Stewart was away when he was reprimanded.

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Alongside some other understudy government pioneers, Mr. Stewart stayed sitting while the Pledge of Allegiance was presented at an understudy government meeting in September. Mr. Stewart, who is dark, did as such in solidarity with NFL players who have dissented prejudice by taking a knee amid the playing of the national song of devotion, the AP reports.

The senate will now hold an arraignment hearing at which Mr. Stewart will be attempted and, potentially, expelled from office.


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