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Dissertation is a very important assignment – there is no doubt about that, right? It crowns your entire educational career, and failing it equals to losing the treasure you have been looking for for years. Unfortunately, apart from being important, it is also extremely difficult to write. Researching all of the sources, writing chapters of text only to cut them out later when you see they don’t fit into the general flow. Long, hard and merciless – these are the adjectives to describe dissertation writing. Luckily, you can avoid all the related fuss by simply ordering it from a custom writing company.


Custom dissertations are all the rage now, as more and more students realize that this assignment has no real-life application. Seriously, it doesn’t – let’s face the truth. If only you are not going to become a scientist and devote your life to covering hundreds of paper sheet with small letters, a dissertation is more of a drag for you than time spend with use. That’s why we are offering to deal with your dissertation while you are dealing with other important tasks and things.


Here is what makes our service worth your attention:


  1. Specialization on dissertations


We have a pool of writers who work only on dissertations and avoid all other types of assignments. While it does give less work to them, it also helps us manage assignments properly and gives an opportunity to have a dissertation writer available whenever we need it. This way, our customers always get qualified specialists for their highly-demanding orders.


  1. Quick term of fulfillment


Although a dissertation is a major assignment, it still can be written urgently. Not in a few hours, of course, but in a few days – easily! All you have to do is set a deadline for us, and we will tell you if it is possible. In most cases, we are able to help our customers as fast as they want it and deliver their custom written dissertations in a matter of days.



  1. Timely delivery


There is nothing more frustrating than a narrowly missed deadline, right? That’s why we make sure it NEVER happens to our customers. Whatever happens – earthquakes, writers falling ill, floods or technical errors – we always have a backup plan to finish still on time. You will be on time with your paper – don’t worry about that.


  1. Protection of privacy


No one will find out you used our service. Also, we will run a check to see if it’s not your college professor who is writing your dissertation under a nondescript writer ID number. Don’t worry about it.


Affordable Custom Dissertation Writing


Now that you know we provide quality help, you should also know that we don’t charge too much for it. A dissertation does not cost a fortune and can be ordered by students with even the most modest incomes. Whenever you consider ordering, note that the price will depend upon:


  1. Size (number of pages)
  2. Urgency level
  3. Difficulty level (Master, Ph.D., etc.)


A higher quality standard will also add 30% to the price.


Use Our Custom Dissertation Writing Services And Worry No More


Ready to place your order? We are glad to hear it! Please proceed to the order page and do the following:


  1. Provide information required in the ordering form
  2. Submit it and pay for your order
  3. Wait for your paper to arrive.


You can, and you will face this difficult assignment without trouble – with our help, that is, available around the clock.