Simple Ebook Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Marketing Tips People like to have different types of helpful and practical information that solves their pressing problems in a single resource. One way you can give this to your customers and potential clients is by publishing an ebook.

With different types of mobile devices such as cell phones, ipads, and other tablets with built-in apps for ebooks, many people now enjoy reading ebooks on their gadgets in addition to having them saved on their personal computers. Because of this trend, there is a good chance that your ebook will be downloaded and read by your target audience, provided the content is helpful and informative enough.

Below are some valuable tips to help you leverage the viral power of an ebook for marketing your products or services to your customers and prospective clients.

How to Easily Create an Marketing Tips Ebook

If you have implemented blogging in your content marketing plan, writing an ebook should not be a problem. Why? Because you don’t have to write new articles from scratch. You can repurpose your previous blog posts and combine them to create an electronic book. Follow the tips below to learn how to do that.

  • Identify a topic to write about: To ensure that your ebook gets downloaded and read by your target audience, search the archived articles on your blog, and gather the blog posts that had received enormous engagement from your readers when they were first published. In other words, articles that had received a lot of comments or views from your blog readers. To find out which articles meet this standard, check your web analytics tools (if you have installed one) for more information. Now, get about three to five of these articles, and put them together. Your chosen articles must be under the same category or theme.
  • Create an organized table of contents: You remember how a table of contents is outlined in your favorite books, right? That is exactly what you need to do in your ebook. This will make it easy for readers to absorb the content as they please. Without a table of contents, they will be forced to read the entire book. You need to make things simple for them. They will appreciate it.
  • Write a compelling introduction: An introduction of a book can make or break a reader’s interest in reading it. If you want to prompt anyone who comes across your ebook to spend enough time to consume the content, start from the introduction. How do you do that? Go to the selected articles again, scour the comments area, and find out what people talked about a lot in their comments. Use that as a basis for writing a compelling and persuasive introduction that will arouse your readers’ interest about the topic you are creating the ebook for.

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  • Put your selected articles in the order of the table of contents: When the above tips and advice have been followed correctly, the next thing is to put your chosen articles together according to your table of contents layout and convert it into a PDF format. You will find many articles about how to do this on search engines. Use a good format that will give your readers a pleasant reading experience. To accomplish this, add attractive images to enhance the content and prolong their interest.
  • Write an interesting summary with a call to action: Place this at the bottom of the content. Your call to action could be an encouragement to your readers to share the ebook with their friends and co-workers who might find it useful and beneficial. Ask them to share it on their preferred social networking platforms or email it to their friends. Make the process as simple as possible for them.
  • Write an attention grabbing title: Strive to come up with an attractive ebook title that will motivate your target audience to download it as soon as they set their eyes on it.
  • Get an attractive ebook cover: On the internet, people judge a book by its cover. For this reason, you must get a professional and attractive cover designed for your ebook. You can hire a savvy graphic design firm to help you with this.

How to Attract New Clients with an Ebook

The more people that download and read your ebook, the higher your chances of getting new customers for your products or service. Here are some ways to help your ebook go viral and attract new customers after publishing.

  • Create a special page for the ebook on your website with a brief explanation of what it is about.
  • Blog about it. Write an exclusive article about your ebook and link to its page for people to download.
  • Write a newsletter about it. Send out a newsletter to your list of subscribers about the ebook, give them a glimpse of what they will find in the content, and place a link to the page for them to download.
  • Use it to build a customer base by asking your target audience to exchange their email addresses for your ebook.
  • Share it on your social networking platforms. Talk about it on your social networking outlets and direct your followers to the link page for downloading. Also, encourage them to pass it on to their friends, colleagues and co-workers on various networking sites. Make this process as simple as possible to increase download rate.

Because of its ability to spread quickly and various options people have for reading it, ebook marketing can be used in your content marketing initiative to build a customer base, establish a good relationship between you and your target audience, and increase your brand awareness.

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